Nannette, the Wellness Coach for Orange County

Nannette Aviles, the Wellness Coach — empowering people to live a healthier, fuller life

Nannette shares her story

30 years ago I was a fitness trainer who looked fit and healthy on the outside but inside, I wanted to die!

In my late teens I may have looked fit and healthy from the outside but inside I was suffering and generally unhappy with who I was as a person. I was a perfectionist who constantly compared myself with others. I was my own worst enemy, my own worst critic. Eventually, as I continued down the road of higher expectations, with no ability to embrace the good in me, I lost touch with who I really was. I felt so out of control internally that I began to choose food and exercise to be my comfort and my control externally. I took this behavior to the absolute extreme, and developed a serious eating disorder called anorexia and bulimia. I was a trainer helping people look better, but it was through the eyes of a young woman who knew very little about taking care of herself.

At age 21, on Christmas Eve night, when most people are celebrating the holiday season, I truly wanted to end my life! I saw an article in the newspaper about a woman who had recovered from her own eating disorder, and was now helping others overcome their battle. I called her that evening and soon began the journey towards physical and emotional health.

Through my journey I have learned a very valuable insight that I want to share with you: you, as a person, are so much more than just what you look like on the outside. I worked ten years to overcome my addiction and I consider those ten years invaluable to who I am as a trainer and speaker. I now have Heart and Passion. The truth is, when I got in touch with my heart and my uniqueness, I began wanting to take care of myself. It was a natural progression.

The story continues

My journey has been so much more than overcoming an addiction. I learned that the decisions we make to change ourselves need to come from the inside out. I have found great joy in helping many people create a lean, healthy body, while empowering them to create a healthier, more full life as well. I believe that once a person can begin to listen to themselves and see the areas where they are stuck, they can then get a clear direction as to what they need to move forward, and they will begin to see lasting change in themselves.

My passion and heart is about helping people to create a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!

The Wellness Coach Boot Camp is just what I was looking for ... something to keep me on track and to start living a healthier life style. Not only has it been helping me, but now it's helping my sister Samantha out as well. I had tried every method to encourage her to workout, but nothing would work. After she saw me getting motivated to workout and sees the results that I got, it somehow encouraged her to do something for herself. The reason why I am getting healthier and look forward to my workouts is because of Nannette s method. Her style and the encouragement she gives us is what every woman needs. Like she says..."Just show up," and you will get results. It's such a big satisfaction to know that by 6:30 a.m. I have already done my exercise for the day. I don't have to find excuses not to workout. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being so supportive and for being so great. I look forward to many more workouts!!

— Paolo, Costa Mesa real estate broker

NASM Certified Fitness Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Certified Personal Trainer, Clinical Nutritionist, and Health Educator

Nannette is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, a graduate of the Natural Healing Institution of San Diego. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Educator, as well. Nannette began managing a health club in Covina, CA at age 17 and has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years.

Her certifications include:

  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • AFAA Aerobic Instructor
  • AFAA Fitness Consultant (achieved the top 5% of certification program and was chosen to be an AFAA judge for the certification program)
  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Advanced Weight Trainer
  • CPR Certified
  • AFAA Pilates Mat Certified

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"As a busy mother of three, I do not take a lot of time for myself. Nannette is so encouraging and reminds us that we deserve one hour a day for our health. "Just show up and the results will follow." The workouts are never boring. She really devotes her self to her life's work and keeps us motivated while having fun! If you want a fun workout program and like being with other women, come join her boot camp, you will not be disappointed."

— Heather, Ladera Ranch graphic designer and mother of three

"I have been a participant in Nannette's boot camps since July of 2005 and my experience has been extraordinary. Nannette is constantly changing the exercise routine from day to day so it always keeps me on my toes and I never become bored. The early morning boot camp has allowed me to continue a regular exercise regimen even with my busy schedule."

— Kristina, 44, wife and mother of two

"What a big change in my life. I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and as the progression continues I wanted to challenge myself to keep strong. So I signed up with Nannette's Boot Camp.... Oh my gosh!!!!! What a big change for me. It has been the best thing in my life! The Wellness Coach Boot Camp has given me tremendous change in balance, coordination, and most of all I've now lost 12" and about 7 lbs. and I'm loving it!!!!!! My specialist doctor has noticed a big change for the best as well. I want to thank you, Nannette. You rock!!! Thanks for giving me a new life."

— Lisa, Laguna Niguel hairdresser and mother of one

"With my family history of diabetes and then my own diagnosis of gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, my doctor made it clear that unless I began an exercise program I was sure to develop Type 2 diabetes myself. Soon after I joined The Wellness Coach Boot Camp and in the last year I have lost 25" and 12% body fat. I keep coming back to Nannette's Boot Camp because I feel the best I have ever felt in my life."

— Malu, 40, wife and mother of two

Bringing knowledge & training to create revolutionary fitness programs

In addition to her certifications, Nannette has completed several course-works in Nutrition Fundamentals and Resistance Training. She continually augments her education through mentorship and collegiate courses with some of the top rated doctors and fitness experts.

Nannette is a Senior Sales Coordinator for Juice Plus, a whole food fruit and vegetable supplement company based in Memphis Tennessee. She has been a part of the Juice Plus team for 9 years.

Nannette was responsible for the introduction and implementation of a revolutionary fitness program for Aerojet ElectroSystems in Azusa, CA, which she spearheaded for 6 years in addition to creating several fitness programs for local community centers.

She has also introduced a corporate fitness Boot Camp - Wellness Program to Sunstone Development in San Clemente.

I met Nanette in 2003. At the time I was 46 years old and I had recently given birth to a set of quadruplets, in addition to having a 3 year old. My pregnancy was very difficult, requiring 8 months of complete bed rest (half of which was spent in the hospital). I was required to eat 5000 calories/day which netted a weight gain of 150 lbs. Following the delivery, I had complete muscle atrophy, a very bad back and a shoulder that was virtually useless. When the quads were all in good health, I decided it was time to get my health back as well. Being so overweight and inactive made things so much more difficult. I was convinced that I would need a tummy tuck and lots of liposuction to look half way decent again. I met Nanette and she convinced me to give exercise a try. During her fitness training she was so sensitive to all of my injuries and muscle wasting, but, she was also amazingly inspirational and compassionate. The weight and inches began to fall off. I saw muscle tone for the first time in years!

When Nannette began doing boot camps I decided to give them a try. I have done every boot camp to date and can't imagine not doing so. I feel blessed everyday to work out in a beautiful park while feeling challenged and inspired. Nowadays almost no one believes I have had quads. I have lost well over 30 inches and 125 lbs — never requiring surgery. At 50 years old, I am the strongest I have ever been. In fact, I have more strength, speed, endurance and energy than women 20 or 30 years my junior. Thank you Nannette for giving my life and health back!

— Corinne, Laguna Niguel Clinical Psychology Ph.D. and mother of five

"For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I look forward to working out! I have never been so committed to an exercise program. Nannette's coaching style is one in a million!"

— Stacie, Owner of Serenity Wellness Center and mother of two