Food coaching for Orange County and all of Southern California

Food Coaching with Nannette: inspiration to LOVE your relationship with food and your body

An end to chronic yo-yo dieting

Who better to coach you in a certain area of your life that you are STUCK IN than a person who has walked in your shoes? What if that coach could show you a DIFFERENT WAY that really works? (Read more about Nannette.)

Are you ready to LOVE your relationship with food and your body?

Ready to eat with pleasure? Cherish your body? Make good choices without guilt?

Has chronic yo-yo dieting, restricting, skipping, denying, forbidding, and worrying brought you the health and happiness you are looking for? My own personal journey and experience tells me that it has not. Food coaching with Nannette will show you that it is NOT about the food — it is about what food represents to you.

Food coaching is about getting to the Whys and creating a NEW PATH that will be that of balance, joy, and freedom. Coaching is done on the phone in short 30 minute calls up to as much as 60 minutes per session.


How can food coaching
benefit you?

Coaching with Nannette will offer:

  • Dedication to a new WAY of health and wellness that works for a lifetime
  • Motivation to adjust how and why you eat
  • Inspiration to LOVE your relationship with food and your body

Nannette recommends 2 times per week to build and create a new habit and way of life. Please contact her for an appointment.

Food Coaching Policies

Client sessions are prepaid. You can pay on a week to week basis (24 hours or more before the session begins) or pay for 4-week sessions at a time (24 hours or more before your sessions begin). A discount is given for 4-week packages.

Client will need to give a 48 hour cancellation notice to your food coach or the client will pay for the session.

Personal Training, Too

Nannette's South Orange County Personal Training program is the perfect complement to food coaching. Learn more.

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Cost of Nannette's
Food Coaching:

1 30-minute session - $50.00 *

1 45-minute session - $75.00 *

1 60-minute session - $100.00 *

Package sessions:

4 30-minute sessions - $190.00 *

4 45-minute sessions - $290.00 **

4 60-minute sessions - $380.00 **

* plus a $5.00 service fee

** plus a $10.00 service fee