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A long weekend of exercise, diet and motivation
in beautiful locations — Fitness & Five Retreats

the Wellness Coach
Fitness & Five Retreats

Fitness and Fun!

The 3-day* Fitness & Five Retreat consists of:

  • 5 workshops to create awareness as to what is your hunger really about, how to get rid of the yo- yo dieting syndrome, how to raise your self care and love, how to live life more intentionally, and how to create more balance in your life. (These workouts will empower you and change your life.)
  • 4 to 5-1/2 hours of different kinds of exercise for all fitness levels each day (stretching, ab labs, hiking, swimming, yoga, weight training, bike riding, etc.)
  • measurements taken before and after
  • 5 to 7 healthy delicious meals, and several snacks
  • relaxation time (reading your favorite book, napping, tea with friends, etc.)

*We are also planning 4 - 7-day retreats. Stay tuned!

Fitness & Five Retreats

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Getting Started

1. Sign up by completing our Registration Form available on this page.

2. Mail your completed registration along with a check for payment to:

The Wellness Coach Inc.
24325 Carlton Court
Laguna Niguel Ca 92677

Or you can pay with any major credit or debit card or via PayPal.

3. When we receive your paperwork and payment one of our fitness experts will be contacting you to discuss your fitness goals, fitness history, and medical and dietary information.

4. Cancellations policy:

If you must cancel, the deposit is not refundable.

With at least 60 days notice, the full cost less deposit will be refunded.

For cancellation within 30 days of the retreat, we are sorry but absolutely no refund will be given. No exceptions will be granted to the above policy. We are unable to transfer deposits or any payments from one retreat to the next.

For questions or additional information about our policies, please contact us.

Fitness & Five Retreats

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"My wedding was 3 weeks away and I couldn't seem to lose those last inches. I decided to attend the 3 day Fitness & Five Retreat because I needed the expertise and support that Nannette and her retreats offer. I worked hard, ate right and laughed with some fantastic women right into my wedding body and lost 9 inches in less than 72 hours. Amazing!"

— Chelsea DiCarlo

Fitness & Five Retreats

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"I went on The Fitness and Five Retreat in Big Bear this past weekend. To say the least I was skeptical, and to my surprise I was quite invigorated by the outcome. I ate healthy food that I would have never tried, (then came home and bought it and ate it the next day). I did yoga for the first time, and again always thought I couldn't do that, and low and behold, I was quite good at it, and it felt great to stretch that way. I met wonderful women, with similar issues happening with their bodies, who cared to know about mine. The venue was just picture perfect! I worked out harder than I ever had! I came back lighter, with a few less inches, and energized to keep doing it. I would recommend almost anything Nannette would suggest, as she is not a "pusher" but a woman who wants you to feel good about yourself, and she is willing to show you how. Thanks Nannette for making me a believer."

— Michelle

Fitness & Five Retreats

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2017 Calendar


$625* for past retreat-goers.

$700* for new retreat clients.

* + $10 service fee

Notice: We have a firefighter/paramedic on staff at the Fitness and Five retreat.

Fitness & Five Retreats

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An All-Inclusive Adventure

Fitness & Five Retreats are for women 16 and older — friends, corporations, and other groups. These retreats — created by Nannette Aviles, Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified Clinical Nutritionist — are to help women:

  • lose inches in a healthy way
  • learn proper portion sizes
  • learn the right combinations of food to speed up the metabolism
  • exercise* in the beauty of nature
  • meet like minded women who may become life long friends

Five workshops are offered which are designed to help women connect to their body, mind, and heart. Join us for an all-inclusive adventure, guided by caring fitness experts, tailored to your goals and fitness level.

*Exercises may include hiking, bike riding, swimming, yoga, fitness training for all fitness levels, core strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation breathing.

Fitness & Five Retreats

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Get Fit in Beautiful Locations

The Fitness & Five Retreat is located in lovely homes or hotels in Big Bear, Palm Springs and other locations in Southern California — or we will come to you anywhere in the U.S. If you and your friends or company would like a tailored retreat just for you, please contact us and we will arrange a special gathering that you will never forget!

The retreat is ideal for:

  • brides to be
  • upcoming high school reunions
  • jumpstart on your wellness program
  • a healthy getaway with friends or coworkers
  • getting rid of those last inches that will not budge

Low Cost, Great Value

Costs* for the 3-day retreats:

  • getaway in Southern California $700.00* for new retreat guests
  • getaway in Southern California $625.00* for previous retreat guests

Host the event at your home for 15 guests and your cost is waived as host!

*A small fee is added for PayPal payments.

Company retreats? Contact Nannette at 949-939-7151. Love to empower your staff and change their lives.

Fitness & Five Retreats

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Register and pay


Sign up by completing and mailing the Registration Form, available in two formats — a PDF to print and fill out by hand or a Microsoft Word document you can fill out in Word then print.

You may pay by mailing a check along with your registration or by credit card or PayPal below.

Registration Form in PDF format. For best results, right-click the link to download it to your desktop.

Registration Form in MS Word format For best results, right-click the link to download it to your desktop.


Payments are processed via PayPal but a PayPal account is not required. As a PayPal guest, you can pay with any major bank or debit card.

Select an option below then click Buy Now. You will be able to review your payment before confirming it.



Please contact us about retreats outside of Southern California.

New attendees single payment - $700.00 (+ $10 fee)

Deposit for new attendees $300.00 (+ $5 fee)

Balance for new attendees $400.00 (+ $5 fee)

Past retreat attendees single payment - $625 (+ $10 fee)

Deposit for past attendees - $300 (+ $5 fee)

Balance for past attendees - $325 (+ $5 fee)

"We had a great time at the retreat. Nannette helped us in so many ways physically, spiritually and mentally. We met wonderful people. We never thought that we could do what she had us do, but we did it and lost inches!!! Would go again in a heartbeat!"

— Terise and Monie

Terise and Monie
Fitness & Five Retreats

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"Such a memorable weekend! Nannette, you're truly using the gifts God has given you, and making positive changes in peoples lives. You not only make a difference in the people you train, but you indirectly change the lives of people around them. My mood becomes immensely better after I read something from you, refer to something you've said, or do something you've taught. Thank you, again, for being my supporter and defender."

— Pauline

"I was stuck in a rut with my fitness and eating regime and I heard about Nannette's Fitness & Five Retreat. I could not believe what happened there. ... I lost 9 3/4 inches! I was just hoping to make it through the weekend. Not only did I reclaim some of me again in her workshops and lose valuable inches, but I also met some of the most amazing women! I can't wait to go again!"

— Tracey - owner of Center Stage