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Nannette — a keynote speaker with a passion for sharing her journey and enthusiasm for life!

Fitness, nutrition and personal empowerment

Nannette's passion is about helping people to create a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime. Join her as she shares a wealth of information and knowledge in the area of fitness, nutrition and personal empowerment.

"The most common struggle among my clients is feeling stuck in the diet/exercise yo-yo syndrome. Because I lived in that place for so many years and found a way out, I now am able to offer hope, along with the tools to get free.

"I have realized that it is more than a diet or exercise program. It is about getting to the heart of the matter and when you do, you will begin to take better care of yourself, lose weight, eat healthier ... and much more. It is hope and freedom that I believe people are looking for. "

— Nannette Aviles, The Wellness Coach

Keynote topics

Some of her keynote speaking topics include:

  • How to Learn to Love your Body
  • The 5 Essentials for Creating Instant and Sustained Energy

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Sharing her personal story

Nannette has spoken to such audiences as corporations, corporate weekend and weekly conferences, Orange County Dept. of Education, charity organizations, MOPS, and church organizations.

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My Testimony

My story is one of a very lost, almost dying women to a now "Free" Joy filled women who has shared my story to over 100 audiences. My name is Nannette Aviles- Simpson and I am owner of a fitness/nutrition company in Southern California called The Wellness Coach Inc. There are so many hurting young girls and women ( men too) who suffer from an eating disorder or are a slave to food and see no way out! There were four lessons God had to etch in my soul for me to be FREE and my passion and purpose is to share them with my clients and friends as often as God allows in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of my story.

There was a time years ago that I was my own worst enemy. Nothing I seemed to do brought me JOY. I could be around friends and family, yet I felt alone and empty. I was raised in a home with 6 siblings, my mom and my dad. From the outsider, as a young girl it may have looked as if life was great , yet from inside my heart nothing I did ever felt "good enough". I had 2 older sisters who were really high achievers growing up, and somehow as a young girl I believed the LIE that I needed to follow in their footsteps. It was a tough road to follow my sisters. They were cheerleaders, excellent students, Student Government officers, all league athletes, and worst of all their teachers loved them ( more pressure on me).

I remember as early as 6th grade my oldest sister won the "American Legion Award" which was the highest award given to only one 8th grade student who showed excellent leadership and scholastic ability. I remember saying to myself, "Oh no, now I need to get that award as well!" I felt so much pressure performing all through junior high to get that award. ( Luckily I got the award but I also lost a lot of joy in my junior high years from putting so much pressure on myself) The need to perform began to consume me throughout my junior high, and high school years.

As I look back, I cannot believe I "didn't lose it from all that I was doing." I was a cheerleader, in 3 sports each year, ASB officer, vocal performer, drama, high achiever academically, and to top it off I had a job from 11 years old on! I never remember just "Chilling". I had a lot of friends, yet inside of me, my wheels were always spinning with the next goal. Each year I began feeling more and more empty from all the DOING, and very little" just BEING".

At 19 years old, my neighbor who was in charge of the Miss Glendora pageant called me, and asked if I would run for the local pageant. They wanted a singer as a contestant in the pageant, and she knew I sang. I always thought pageants were pretty strange, yet I knew if I could possibly win I could then move onto the state pageant! The state pageant winners were offered scholarships and monetary awards. I came from a lower-middle class income family so there was no money available for college, so I saw the possibilities if I placed or won the Calif title.

With some luck I won the Miss Glendora pageant, and then the Miss Azusa pageant, which moved me onto the Miss California Pageant. The preparation for the Miss California pageant was very grueling and added to my "already not good enough mentality." I began focusing on food, exercise, and dieting as my pageant coach wanted me to be in the best shape possible. There was a swim suit competition which was televised, so you can imagine all the pressure I felt!

I began reading articles in magazines about girls who purged their food to lose weight. In my already "unhealthy self image" I thought, "what a fast and easy idea" ( sad huh?) So my anorexia and bulimia began. I competed in the Miss California contest and I competed at the thinnest weight I had been all my young adult years. As I was on stage in the evening gown competition, my parents overheard the judges in front of them saying, "This girl is just too thin."

That girl was me! I did not place in the top ten, and I was crushed. After I came home from Santa Cruz ( pageant is located there) my eating disorder became even worse. One time I remember taking 27 laxatives and fainted on my families kitchen floor in the middle of the night. I was a very sad, sick, young lady. 21 years old on Christmas Eve night, my mom came into my bedroom and gave me a newspaper article about a lady in our area helping women with eating disorders. I got on my knees that night and said, "God if you are real, please help me and heal me".

Soon after, I called the woman in the newspaper article, and my healing journey of over 20 years began! The women who was my counselor was a believer in Jesus. It was her love that God used to show me that He was alive and real. I began reading the bible every day and believing that my God would heal me. God began to gently show me the condition of my mind and heart. He was such a tender yet strong revealer of my soul.

It was so painful to see the woman I had become. The worlds lies that I made my own, and the prison bars that were over my heart, mind, and soul. I went to every Christian healing service I could go to hoping that my healing would be as fast and as painless as possible. Little did I know my freedom from my eating disorder would take 10 years however I would never give up any of that time in the trenches with my Savior.

My LONG painful, yet, RICH journey took me from a very performance oriented "DOER" who did not know how to love myself -37 years fast forward to a wife, mom, sister, friend, and trainer who is FREE of my addiction for over 20 plus years, has a passion for God, and He is now using me to help women learn to love themselves! I now love the gift that God created me to be, and I love life.

I share this story so if any of your viewers are suffering from compulsive overeating, or an eating disorder I want them to know that there is HOPE! That God knows them better than they know themselves and if they hold His hand thru the journey He will set them FREE. Many times I wanted to give up in my healing journey because I had to dig deep with the Holy Spirit and it was a very painful time but 20 years later I am so content and joy filled. I have some very important things God had to do in my heart to get me to a place of loving me.

These are the things I share with my audiences today.